Advanced Producing Schedule

Date: August 8th 2015 (Saturday)

Where: Regents University, Regents Park

How much: £99

Morning: The Strategy, the overview of how to finance, produce and sell your film


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9.00am The Role Of The Producer part 1

  • Stepping beyond your micro budget roots - a new mentality.
  • Your role as the producer - choosing projects and teams, responsibilities, focus and stamina.
  • Typical films that get financed – what are the key ingredients that create success?
  • The film value chain – what is the chain, who makes up the links and where are the weak links?
  • Development: risk versus returns – who should you involve, how is it funded and how long will it take?
  • Financing  and pre-sales – how to package your project for distributors, broadcasters, funding bodies, sales agent (and pre-sales), equity finance, banks, co-producers, tax, completion bond and insurance.
  • The talent ‘catch-22’ – why casting leads to confidence, which then leads to cash.

11.00am (30 mins)

Coffee and Networking

11.30am The Role Of The Producer part 2

  • Positioning  and perception – the art of pitching your project
  • Lawyers and accountants – key partners in your success
  • Who are the different audiences for you project? Talent, agents, funders, crew, distributors.
  • Prep, shoot and post – how it differs from micro budget.
  • Your key team - directors, writers, cast, producing-partners, cameraman, editor, financiers , CGI/post,
  • Studio/location, line producers, post production supervisor
  • Selling your film – how your hard work now and tactical choices now pays off. International sales agent, buyers’ rep, producer’s rep, producer, markets & festivals, delivery, collection, rights, P&A, marketing.
  • Exhibiting and exploiting your film - what’s your film really worth and how to get the money… flexing windows, cinema/exhibitor, DVD – rental, retail, free TV, pay TV/svod, pay per view (PPV), net VOD, airlines, non-theatrical, library rights.
  • Your relationship with the consumers – screenings, festivals, journalists, film critics and  bloggers
  • The next film – prepping for a career in film

1.00pm (60 mins)

 Lunch and Networking

2.00pm Tactics: The blow-by-blow of how to do it, part 1

  • Getting it made: the 10 Step Production Program
  • Starting up your entity - Production company vs. SPV
  • Securing the foundations – rights and options
  • Paying for the first step – the development budget
  • The schedules - development schedules, week-by-weeks schedule, shoot schedule, post schedule
  • The PPSA - what’s that then?
  • Budgeting - producers vs. line producers
  • Managing the production cash flow – don’t crash and burn
  • Producer fees – when and how much
  • So many producers – executive producers , co-producers, associate producers, assistant producers

4.00pm (30 mins)

Coffee and Networking

4.30pm Tactics: The blow-by-blow of how to do it, part 2

  • Alternative / additional finance for your  film – crowd funding, product placement etc
  • Finance plans for your film - simple v complex
  • The modern way - private investors, risk empathy, presenting, guesting, shareholder relations
  • Sales and distribution agreements - estimates, security, COT & CPs
  • The Waterfall – deferments, corridors, gross
  • Delivery of your film – how much, how long and why you must get it right
  • Preview screenings – the value, how to host and how to read the results
  • Profit – making it, keeping it, sharing it
  • The long tail – how to keep your film making money for years to come

6.00pm Close

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